Grief and Bereavement Support

Most people involved with hospice care - whether they are family members, caregivers, or the individual in hospice - will likely need support. Support systems have evolved significantly over the years. There are now groups, one-on-one therapy, and spiritual support systems that have fostered a more open and direct dialogue compared to fifty years ago. With a wide array of options, locations, and volunteers, anyone who wishes to use these services should feel encouraged to do so. I know they have helped me personally a great deal, as well as my mother.

One excellent resource, particularly if you find face-to-face interactions challenging during these times, is online support boards. These platforms allow you to read about others' experiences, which I have found to be very therapeutic. It helps to see that many people are navigating and have navigated this journey.

Therapy is also a valuable resource that is quite accessible. Many locations offer services at no charge. The settings can be either group or individual - whichever you are more comfortable with. You can start with one and possibly find that both are helpful in their own unique ways. Confronting what is in front of us almost always turns out for the best in my experience. It's part of why I created this website.

Caregivers also absorb a great deal of trauma and can benefit from groups dedicated to individuals acting in that role. Individual therapy can help anyone and everyone. It offers privacy and confidentiality, allowing you to express whatever you are feeling, and any decent therapist should be capable of providing both an active listening ear and advice. Group therapy can be beneficial by enabling you to hear from and speak with others who are going through or have already gone through what you, your family, and friends are experiencing.